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Overall review rating

yelp rating 4.5 Average Rating 4.5 Based on 3 reviews

Yelp Reviews for Wilsey Auto Service

  • Day W.

    Fri 15 August 2014

    It's 2 months sice last review, and It doesn't look like Mike (mentioned in previous reviews) works here anymore. Faith is the service manager now. $33.28...

  • Christopher L.

    Wed 04 June 2014

    Brought my car in here for a quick check up on my brakes. I was treated excellent, the service was spot on, Mike was honest, the shop is incredibly clean...

  • Rebecca K.

    Mon 23 December 2013

    We use Wilsey's frequently for our FIVE older vehicles. They are really great about letting us know what needs to be done and what can wait. Fair pricing,...

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Overall review rating

Average Rating 1.0 Based on 1 reviews

AutoMD Member Reviews for Wilsey Auto Service

By STAY FAR AWAY FROM WILSEY AUTO!!! Verified Customer on Sun 09 February 2014

DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO WILSEY AUTO! Wilsey scammed me out of hundreds of dollars. I recently had my 1993 Plymouth Voyager towed to Wilsey because it would not start. I was new in town, so I had it towed to the closest place - Wilsey's. At first, they seemed very friendly and helpful. After they had me sign a paper authorizing them to perform a computer test on my van that would cost $49.99, they drove me home. Two hours later, they called to say that my starter that was the problem, and that my total cost of repairs plus the $49.99 computer test would be around $380.00 plus tax. They also insisted that they had to buy a brand new starter because, according to them, used starters are far more expensive than new ones (not true). They said they would be done with my vehicle between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. I didn't hear from them at all for the next three hours, and finally called around 3:00 pm and they still had not finished the job. Thirty minutes later, an employee came to pick me up. When I got there, my total bill was $482.40 (over $100 more than the estimate, and they had charged me an extra $49.99 labor to run the computer test). After I got home, I researched the part number of the starter they had put on my bill that they had bought from NAPA (NNE/4N6427) and found that the list price is $114 from every NAPA store in St. Petersburg. They had charged me $257.89 for the part. I then called Wilsey and left a message explaining my issue, asking them to call me back. They never called me back. I called several auto shops who all quoted the same fix for UNDER $300. The following Monday, I called Wilsey and spoke with Mike. I explained my issue and he asked for the part number. He told me that the NAPA website was quoting him $208 for the part. He then said that it costs auto shops far more money to buy parts from NAPA than normal people (not true). I then asked him to look up the original receipt of the actual part they had bought for my vehicle, which he refused to do. He started raising his voice with me, yelling at me, and interrupting anything I had to say. In the middle of the call, he yelled at me, said it was too bad, and hung up on me. I called the local NAPA store to double check the cost of the part number. I spoke to a man who told me that the part would cost me $114 to buy from NAPA. He also said that an auto repair shop who has an account with them would get the part for less than $114 because the more parts they buy from them, the better the discounts they get on parts. Later that day, I went in to Wilsey to speak with the owner about the problem, hoping that I would be treated better and come to a resolution. When I arrived, Caroline took me back to her office. I began by confirming with her that Wilsey Auto has an account with a local NAPA store - she said yes. She also confirmed that they bought the part with their account through a local NAPA store. When I asked why they had overcharged me $140 for the starter, she said they take a small percentage of the cost of the part and add it to the total cost of the part to keep for themselves after buying the part. I then said that 125% was not a small percentage, it was double the cost of the part. She proceeded to change her story and said that the extra cost of the part was for labor. I then showed her on my receipt that I was charged separately for labor ($179.95 labor). She then changed her entire explanation again, getting flustered and angry, saying that I did not understand how the business works and "who else was going to fix your van if we didn't" and "if you took it to a dealership it would've been worse" and "we have to make money somewhere". Caroline refused to show me a receipt from NAPA for the part they had bought for my van. She would not confirm a price for what they had actually paid for the part. She also refused to find a resolution with me and stormed out of her office. Wilsey Auto is a family of scam artists. They need to be shut down!