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By TAKE YOUR CAR TO A REAL MECHANIC! on Tue 25 February 2014

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO WALMART AUTO CENTER!!! Before I took my car up there a couple weeks ago I did my own research and 99% of the research said DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR to Walmart auto center. Obviously I didn't listen. I read a similar horror story that I encountered. I took my car and parked it near the garage. I didn't know what to do because this is my first vehicle. The workers saw I was walking around looking confused, but no one stopped to help me. I finally found the door to go into. After getting in the door yet again I had no idea what to do. I went up to the counter and the lady behind the counter just seemed to busy to deal with me. She told me there was a few cars ahead of me and I said that was perfectly fine because it needed it. I went and walked around Walmart for a good 2 hours. I come back to sit in the automotive department to wait for my car. I see the lady that checked me in and her arms had oil dripping from them! I didn't know what from just figured they were doing their job. About 45 minutes later she comes up to me and says, is that your blue or black car out there? I said yes my car is black why? She says well when you seen me with my hands/arms covered in oil that was from your car. She said you have a MAJOR oil leak and you need to go to a REAL MECHANIC! A REAL MECHANIC? Uhm, what are you? I'm letting you work on my car... and your not a REAL MECHANIC. Anyways she said, he is going to park your car get the keys from him. I was expecting someone to tell me where the leak was, how serious it was, something. He just handed me my keys and walked away. He didn't even make eye contact with me!! Now is when the horror story happens. I always check my fluid before I drive my vehicle. Its routine for me. When I got home from Walmart I seen my car was smoking under the hood. So i check up under, first checking my oil to find there is BARELY ANY OIL in my car!!! They drained oil and never put any back in there! Which only proves the point they aren't REAL MECHANICS nor SMART MECHANICS! They almost blew my motor up by doing that. Also the lady acted like it was a really major oil leak, but when i went to get it fixed from a REAL MECHANIC the part was on 5 dollars and the labor was 40. I talked to a lady waiting on her car and she said that after they changed her oil that morning her engine light came. She told me please do not come here. I always regret when I do. Please just go to a REAL MECHANIC!

31.2036 -82.3336