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607 1st ave Plattsmouth, NE 68048-8983 (402) 296-6200
By angeldooley on Wed 14 December 2011

This business does not even deserve one star. Do not take your vehicle to Tilson’s Auto Repair in Plattsmouth. He repaired the heads, supposedly, on my daughter’s car last summer, had the car for over two weeks, and then, not even 4 months later, the heater core was blocked with some type of “stop leak”. Jerry never mentioned any sign of this being in the engine at the time of repair, we had the car for over a year at the time he worked on the heads, and then suddenly after he works on it, the heater stops working. Tried to discuss this with him and he got confrontational, told him I was not going to pay him for the repairs as according to other major mechanics and auto repair gurus, the heater core would not have suddenly clogged with stop leak had it not been added at the time of the head repair. Gave him a chance to work with me and all he did was scream at me over the phone. Tilson Auto is a bad business, bad mechanic, mean man.

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