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AutoMD Member Reviews for The Auto Shop

By Seth Verified Customer on Fri 15 August 2014

They were very friendly and my car was fixed back to normal, but the actual price was $150 dollars more than the quote I got from Auto MD for replacing a part. The quote estimated it took under an hour to replace the part but it took them over 2 and a half hours to "fix" my car. I asked him about the difference and he told me it took longer because he fixed all these other problems. However, he did not call me first and decided to charge me more. This place is fast and prompt and one of the guys is friendly but I felt robbed. Update. I was upset because I was low on money at the time and shouldn't have given a bad review. They did fix my car well and I should have confirmed the price. However, I do believe the quote online should reflect the shop's price, as I expected it to. It doesn't so make sure you check like they recommend.

Response by The Auto Shop

on Thu 19 March 2015

First of all Customers were very nice! We were told to replace thier Alt, we were not ask price! we installed a CarQuest unit with a 12 month 12k warrantee. This vehicle has two differnt Alt and we install the correct one on the vehicle and used CarQuest Price, we use Real time labor times and the 2.5 hours is what it call foron this vehicle. I don't know where AutoMD got it's prices. I strongly recomend customers check with the repair facility for prices as they differ from part suppliers and shops The Auto Shop,Inc

By AutoMD Member on Thu 24 October 2013

I have used the Auto Shop since I have been in Denver and have not regretted it. Their staff is friendly, prompt, and Gene always has a joke.

By AutoMD Member on Tue 10 September 2013

I was very happy with the experience I had at the Auto Shop. My vehicle was repaired on time and was less than they quoted me. You guys ROCK!