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4203 West Davis St Conroe, TX 77304 (936) 539-9274

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By Robert on Sat 17 March 2012

I took my car to Suds for a simple car wash on my way to buy groceries. I arrived at 2:01pm according to the receipt they stuck on the window. I watch a guy wipe down my car a little and walk away twice and come back and wipe it down a little more. After he left the third time he never came back. After 10 minutes my son and I walked over to finish cleaning it ourselves like I saw a number of other customers doing. Finally one of the women working there came over to work on the car so my son and i went back and sat down. After one hour of waiting and watching other cars that came in after me leave, I made the mistake of asking to talk to a manager. I never got his name, but he was a short rude little guy who proceeded to blame me for my car not being cleaned yet, because it was too dirty. He told me he will take care of it, I replied "yes you will". With that the little guy lost it he said "what did you say", I responded with "yes you will". He then informed me I was ugly and fat. He made the person that finally was working on my car to stop and not do anymore and he told me to get off of his property. This guy is such a joke. He is a scared little man that threaten his customers when they question the service they are paying for. I wasn't asking for a refund or a discount, I just wanted my can finished so i could go to Kroger. I ended up doing the final detail to my last wheel myself and the while he is telling me that is not mine and I can't use it. What is he twelve years old? Finally at 3:22pm we left SUDs, a place I will never go back to even for a free car wash. What a worthless place with a juvenile owner, at least he told me he owned six of these places and was very successful. Tell your friends its not worth it go anywhere else.

By Lake Conroe Citizen on Fri 07 October 2011

DO NOT SPEND ONE DIME WITH THESE CROOKS. As the previous poster stated, my experience with this business was horrifying. The real problem is the "Managing Partner" Mike Baker, who has the appearance and professionalism of a street thug. While I was there, I witnessed him aggressively screaming profanity at a well-dressed, soft spoken senior citizen, who was questioning the oil spilled in her brand new luxury SUV. Mike Baker screamed profanity at her and then continued to follow and harass her as she attempted to get in her vehicle and leave the premises. She was desperately searching for manager to help her when she was told that this "Mike" is part owner. I have spent several hundred dollars this year with these crooks before I finally caught on to their dishonesty and crummy service. EVERY time I have visited, with each one of my different vehicles, they have immediately come over, started scanning the windshield, and identified chips that they offer to fix on site. They offer to make all the calls to your insurance for you, and start a fast talking sales process. The one time I did agree to have a legitimate chip filled, their work was shoddy and ineffective. I later had it completed by a legitimate chip repair service who had to redo Suds' amateur work. After my most recent experience, I have shared the horrors of this shop with anyone who would listen. Neighbors described to me the damage done to their vehicles by this shop. Others describe unprofessional treatment at the hands of "Mike Baker", others describe services not performed even after full payment, the list goes on and on.... Everyone I talked to already knew to NEVER use this company and wished they'd had the opportunity to warn me too. It is unfathomable to me how this company is still in business. Take your car elsewhere for professional, courteous treatment and do not put one dime in these thugs' pockets.

By Jack on Tue 27 September 2011

The entire experience at Suds was horrifying. I got in my truck to drive it home after a wash and an oil change, and as I started my truck, it immediately stalled. I checked my gages, and my truck was screaming there was NO OIL IN IT. A good half hour later the mechanics were able to figure out they had put oil in the truck, but hadn't connected the sensor back, so no REAL damage to my truck, however I was crying at this point. As that crisis ended, another began. Suds did NOT provide the wash service I paid for. They ran my truck through their automatic wash, then let it sit there and dry in the sun. There were spots and dirt ALL over the truck. They did NOT dress the tires, which was included in the package I purchased. When confronting the manager about it, he was very unprofessional and rude. He was completely unwilling to even discuss. In fact, he wouldn't even acknowledge, his mechanics had done ANYTHING wrong in regards to the oil change. He argued at every speck of dirt, smudge and “un-provided” service. He offered to correct some of the items, but after the whole experience, I told him I'd like my money back on the carwash only, because I didn't trust him with my vehicle. He of course denied this request. I’ve been a loyal customer of Suds for years, and to be treated in this manner was unacceptable. Do not take your car to Suds. There are plenty of other places in and around Conroe that will leave you with nothing but satisfaction.

By MBlair on Mon 14 February 2011

Was not happy with the services at all. They did a real bad job I had to redo it when I got home. There was still dirt on my Jepp, the window were still dirty. They did not wash it they sprayed it with water and took a broom to it. I guess I don't desire the same treatment as the ones that drive big fancy cars and trucks. I have tryed to call but the mail box is full. I WOULD NEVER TAKE ME CAR BACK TO THEM AND I AM CALLING THE BBB.

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