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6464 State Highway 23 Oneonta, NY 13820-6552 (607) 432-9331

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  • Engine
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  • Towing Service
  • Upholstery

Vehicles Serviced

  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
By oneonta10 on Tue 29 July 2014

Our car was damaged during a test drive conducted by Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge, and the dealership has refused to take any responsibility in the matter. My wife and I drove our car to the Oneonta dealership seeking an estimate for sale and waited in the lobby while our car was test driven by an employee. When we returned to our car we were greeted with a "low front passenger side tire" alert upon starting the vehicle. The test drive conducted by Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge left the tire completely flat. When we informed the Sales Manager of the situation he immediately tried to dismiss us and the fact that our vehicle was damaged during their test drive. Despite the fact that all our tires were in fine condition when we arrived and that the low pressure indicator came on only after the car was test driven, they rudely informed us they would not reimburse us for the damage and offered no sympathy for our situation. I appealed to the General Sales Manager in writing and informed him that we would be filing a formal complaint with the State Attorney General, as well as make our grievances public, if Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge did not take responsibility. He never replied. Whether they were shockingly negligent during the test drive process and unaware of the damage that they caused, or knowingly damaged our tire but chose to let us leave the lot to avoid taking responsibility, the team was rude and completely unprofessional throughout the entire process. Since then we've talked with many community members who have had equally poor experiences with Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge and stress to avoid them at all costs. UPDATE: Only after posting several online reviews, the General Sales Manager finally contacted me a month after my initial letter, apologizing for the fumbles of the Sales Manager and offered to reimburse us the cost of the tire. However, after again waiting for nearly another month with no further contact we're now again being told "Too bad, not our problem." I am amazed at the indecisiveness here, and why Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge seems to go out of their way to maintain their amateur hour reputation.

By Maddog on Wed 01 February 2012

If you love wasting tons of your money and time then Royal Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Oneonta, New York is the place for you. I have done business with this establishment for over three years, due to the location of my job. The service department loves to see your vehicle so much, that they never seem to fix the problem the first time. Or the second time. The third time seems to be the charm for them. They also love to charge you the premium price they for the wonderful service they give. For example, I was just quoted $240 for a replacement part without labor by this 5 STAR business. Because I was suspicious of this so called "service department", the next day I had my vehicle look at by another dealership, they quoted $150 WITH labor for the exact same part. I can not stress enough, PLEASE BEWARE of this business if you are taking your vehicle for service!!!! Now that my job location has changed, I am glad I will never have to do business with Royal Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Oneonta, New York again. I hope their Sales department is better then the service deparment...kind of makes you go hmmmmmmmm??????

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