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AutoMD Member Reviews for Pep Boys Lansing

By Robert on Fri 17 December 2010

I took my car there for an oil change. The check engine light was also on and I had my auto MD with me and It had a code p0300 and told me it was related to spark plugs. I had Pep Boys do the plugs and my car still had the code and ran poorly. Pep Boys then said they would have to charge me for a diagnosis, but isn't that what the MD is supposed to do? I called auto MD and no one responded to the message I left. I am very dissatisfied with both companies. I took it to a local shop by my house and they diagnosed it for less than the cost of the plugs and found out it had something wrong with one of the valves. It was expensive to fix, but at least runs right now. The other mechanic said plugs would not be the fix if I had bad valves. Never go to Pep Boys, they are a rip off! Auto Md is going in the trash as they just seem to be ignoring me.