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Overall review rating

yelp rating 3 Average Rating 3 Based on 5 reviews

Yelp Reviews for Norman's Auto Service

  • Kalle Y.

    Thu 17 July 2014

    Our service guy was incredibly nice, but turns out that this place has skimmers. They stole our credit card info and used it to purchase items from another...

  • Johnny F.

    Fri 30 November 2012

    I always stop here after I drop off my girls at school. They are fast, efficient and clean your windows which most stations won't do anymore. I always get...

  • Jackie O.

    Mon 28 January 2013

    Unbelievably dishonest. I brought my car in for an oil change and walked out with a bill for $260 and a warning that my car "urgently needed" about $1000...

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Overall review rating

Average Rating 5.0 Based on 8 reviews

AutoMD Member Reviews for Norman's Auto Service

By AutoMD Member on Tue 06 November 2012

Professional and gives accurate estimates

By nancy on Sat 08 September 2012

I have been driving for more years than I care to mention. I HATE bringing my car to be serviced. More often than not I find myself being lied to and ripped off. Then I found a place called Norman's Auto Service in New Hyde Park. They were honest, efficient, and nice. I have finally found a place I can trust and even though I have to travel a bit to get to them it is worth the trip. I give Norman's a 5 out of 5

By blondie on Fri 07 September 2012

I stopped here for a fill up Wednesday morning, they cleaned my windows and checked the air in the tires, When I tried to start the car to go on my way, the car would not start, Norman had someone do a battery test immediatly, the battery tested fully charged and BAD, he replaced the battery and got the car running and I went on my way. Norman's get a 5 out of 5 for a quick repair and getting me on the road with out making a mountain out of a mole hill

By John on Fri 07 September 2012

On Tuesday morning after a great Labor day weekend, I filled my car in Connecticut where I live, after dropping off my son Brett at preschool I started on my way to NY to meet with some of my clients and on the Thruway the Check engine Light came on. At first I panicked, I then found a repair shop close to my destination, which happened to be Norman's. They scanned the on board computer and found the gas cap was not properly put back on after filling up in Connecticut, they re-installed the cap properly, reset the light and only charged me $25.Although the regular charge for a Check Engine Light is $95 I gave them 4 stars because it only took about 5 minutes to fix and I feel $15 would have been plenty.

By John on Fri 07 September 2012

I had problem with my car several days ago, on the way to work at LIJ, the car started staqlling. I bearly made it to the closest repair shop which was Norman's Auto. Once I got there the car would not start. I spoke to Doug who is the manager and he assured me they would take quick look at the car and not charge me. A few hoiurs later they called me and said it is not the battery and the engine had spark (Whatever that means). He believed it was fuel problem and asked to spend 1/2-3/4 on an hour to find the problem, they called me again late afternoon and said there was no fuel to the injectors. but there was fuel pressure from the gas tank and they wanted to replace the fuel filter and quoted me about $200 includinf tax. I said go ahead. When I picked the car up the bill was $198.14 and I have had no car problems since they did the repair.

By Mjet on Fri 31 August 2012

every morning when i start my csar there is chirping noise, i brought my car to normans because they are close to my job, the guy called me to tel me the car needed fan belts, i diddnt think so but i told him to replace the belts. HE WAS RIGHT! the noise os gone and the price was as promised

By Dawn on Fri 31 August 2012

These guys keep there eyes open when working on your car. I had a tire losing air (I forgot to tell them to check the tire when I dropped the car) and they called me to get my permission to remove a screw and repair the tire. Imagine, I DIDN'Tneed a new tire!! WOW, are pigs flying?

By Gary on Wed 29 August 2012

What a gas station to go to!!! I went there with no appointment because I was overheating. I left my car and they gave me a ride to work (no charge). About 2 hours later they called with the problem and an estimate for repair of $250. This shop earnes a 5 out of 5 for friendliness, honesty, thoroughness and cleanliness. I gave them 4 out of 5 because the quote was $25 more than discussed. I WOULD DEFFINETLY HAVE THEM WORK ON MY CAR AGAIN