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1602 Callender St Rosenberg, TX 77471-5864 (281) 341-8116
By richrose on Thu 12 April 2012

I dropped my car off for an oil change and clearly stated just an oil change. When I picked up my car I had a bill for $133.11. They fixed things without my consent that weren't even a safety hazard to anyone...just a rattling noise. Do not take your car here they will rake up the price!! Yes I payed them after I said my peace. I payed them because they I was getting no where and they obviously needed the money more than me. SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

By Ericka Craven on Sat 25 September 2010

I've had Jason work on my old car, and purchased a used one from him. He's very good at what he does, works with you on cost and schedule, and is straight up and honest with you. Please take him your business- you won't be disappointed!

29.534 -95.8101