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2840 Hwy 129 S Cleveland, GA 30528-7128 (706) 865-6500

By kristy coogler on Fri 03 August 2012

Re: Mitch Simpson Motors, Cleveland GA ( 706-865-6500) [email protected] After quite some time of searching for a truck, my husband and I found a 2005 F350 for sale by Mitch Simpson Motors. The website stated a “Complete Automotive Experience” and “Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction”. On the 2nd visit to view the truck, we decided to purchase it. We did sign the AS IS Warranty (assuming an inspection had been done considering this a dealership), handed them a check, and drove the 100 miles home on July 31, 2012. The very next day while trying to get to his 2nd job, the brakes locked up and nearly ran the truck off the road. My husband was stranded on the day after purchasing this truck. I called Mitch Simpson Motors but was too late. It closed 30 minutes earlier. So, I sent an email to the owner of the dealership. He has yet to even reply! But not to worry, he cashed the check as soon as possible! We called early the morning of August 2, 2012 and were basically told they would not do anything to help the situation because of the As Is Warranty. We literally hadn’t had the truck for more than 24 hours. So far the list of problems include: rear brake line was severed in 2 pieces, it needed both front calipers replaced, and new front brake pads. We could have been killed! I think this speaks volumes as to the nature of this dealership. It’s hard to stomach spending over $15000.00 on a vehicle that we couldn’t even drive less than 24 hours after purchase. I am very thankful my husband wasn’t hurt, didn’t hurt anyone else, and didn’t have our 2 small children with him as they were the night before. I am hoping by sharing our experience that others will be more informed as to how reputable this dealership actually is. Legally I guess the dealership did nothing wrong but morally it’s unacceptable. Had it been my company I would have made it right! I hope they sleep well at night knowing what they do to hard working families just trying to get by.

By Jessica on Mon 30 April 2012

My husband and I bought a 06 Equinox and it had a cracked windsheild which they fixed but within a month and a half the air stopped working but didnt have money for them to look at it then just a week ago my husband and I were doing erins before I took him to work car ran great. Went to take him to work wouldnt start so we called Mitch and ask him to look at it but we didnt have the money up front (thinking we wouldnt have to repair an 06 any thime soon we didnt set any money aside for repair) so he said he would look at it and he would work out something. aAs soon as it came off the flat bed it started right off of the flat bed but they still looked at it and said it had a bad mass sensor and it was fine to drive it will just run a little rich. So we drove it. I take my husband to work and on my way home the car dies in the middle of the road in school traffic (thank god for nice people that pushed me and my 2 1/2 year old son out of the middle of the road). So I call Mitch and see if he will look at it and he said we cannt unless we have the money upfront to fix it because he let it slide the first time because it worked after it got off the flat bed. But the secound time it stopped working we had it towed (thank you insurance) they have had the car since Friday and today is Monday and we wouldnt have a car but they finally gave us a loaner but didnt put a date sticker or a dealer sticker just the deal tag with no date. To top that all off the loaner they gave us was still in the other persons name and we only found out because a cop pulled us over and ran the vin number and told us thank God he just gave us a warning. SO I DO NOT RECOMMEND GETTING ANY VEHICLE FROM MITCH SIMPSON.

By toneylt on Tue 27 March 2012

I bought a lincoln ls from this place on December 27th 2011, after I signed the papers and was leaving it hesitated to crank, I let them know and they said to bring it back the next day, they did a few things to it, and it still would hesitate to crank, they had it for two weeks and still did not fix the problem, the engine light finally came on so I took it to Greene Ford and it was the fuel pump, they said both fuel pumps needed replacing but the warranty company (WYNN) would not pay for both (beware of the extended warranty they try to get you to buy) well here i am again two weeks later i got it back from greene ford it started hesitating to crank again so I took it to the lincoln place in gainesville, they told me it was the other fuel pump, so i get that fixed and go to pick it up and they show me where all the ball joints are messed up about $4,000.00 dollars worth of work. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO BUY A CAR FROM THESE PEOPLE . I THINK THE OWNER MITCH SIMPSON IS IN JAIL NOW THAT IS WHERE HE BELONGS I DON'T SEE HOW THE MAN SLEEPS AT NIGHT

By howard on Fri 06 May 2011

i bought a truck from mitch simpson motors did not have it a full day and the rear end is roaring and the radiator is leaking i would not recommend anyone to buy a vehicle from this business i brought it back to get looked at and after having it one day i have to pay for repairs these people are a joke and i will never be back to them i came to them for a dependable car and leave with a bigger peice of junk then what i had thanks guys for sticking me for the next 4 yrs yours truley howard monti

By keith30531 on Thu 10 March 2011

Today marks day 31 since my recent car purchase. I filled bankruptcy a year ago and being told APPROVED for financing I picked out a truck that they "just got in". It had a check engine light on when I test drove it and they promised to make it, "right". I pulled out of the parking lot that afternoon with my beautiful new used truck that Tuesday only to almost get home and the check engine light came back on. I called them back and was told to make an appointment for Friday to get it checked. Friday came so I went down there and they diagnosted it with a miss-fire on one cylinder and the rear end needed to have the fluid flushed and filled. So they replaced the fluid and put a new coil pack on and they cleared the computer codes. So I finally pulled out of there on Saturday only to go thirty miles and the check engine light to come back on but I decided to go put new tires on it and get a second opioun to be told that the truck still had a missfire on the same cylinder. So I dropped it of Monday on my way to work and was told they will make it right. I bought a warranty with my truck and it was not to kick in for the first 30 days. Well it just so happened that they said two days after dropping it off they said the cylinder is has a leak but wanted to send it to dodge dealer to make sure. Well the dealer said the same thing and they told me they would get right on to it. Beginning of week four I called in and they said they were waiting on the claim adjuster for my warranty company to come out and inspect the vehicle before they would be approved to replace the cylinder. I asked Mitch as to why it was waiting on my warranty company when they said it was to be taken care of. Head rye day I bought it it was covered under my extra warranty. I told him he promised to make it right and over 4.5,weeks in I still have not got my car back. On top of all this the "loaner" they gave me for the weekend broke down one a Saturday night and I had to call for a tow and pay for it out of my pockets. They did give me the money for the tow back. On top of it all I called to get a tag for the trucking 32 days in and the state still has not got my title work in. So I am at a loss with this and at my wits end. I don't recommend them to anyone and also about three years ago when they were still universal they worked on my Chevy car and the diagnosed it wrong and replaced a head gasket that coated ne 1600 that did not fix it. They had to change a timing pulley as the teeth broke of and that's what was stopping the car from running, not the head gasket.

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