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By jules on Thu 14 April 2011

I was overcharged on milage by the towing driver using his GPS (I have Triple A which would have covered the first 5 miles). He was even given directions (verbally at the time of pick up) of how to take the shortest route to tow the vehicle from the residence to the service station. According to the owner (Jon) it shouldn't have been 20 miles, it should have been 18. first 20, now 18? Well, it just so happens that I have traveled the county roads MANY times to and from (residence to service station) and IF the towing guy would have taken the SHORTEST route as he was told rather than punching in crap on his GPS...I would have been charged for 11 MILES of towing! Big difference when it comes to price. Jon (owner of Millers) was rude, nasty and unprofessional to me while speaking on the phone as he exclaims that he will take me to collections. He is adamant that it was 18 miles. Well, I map quested it...the route the driver should have taken and it is ONLY 11 miles. I should be paying $25 instead of $51. I will be sure to mail my mapquest to them along with my OVERPAYMENT for FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICE! Do yourself a favor and don't take your vehicle there and don't let them tow you either...unless THEY follow you.

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