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19325 S Duval Commerce Dr Green Valley, AZ 85614-5092 (520) 625-1069
By Edwin Stockwell on Fri 04 March 2011

I haven't had anyone else do bodywork on my cars since I turned do-it-yourselfer over twenty-five years ago, but I just want to share what I know about these guys. Shop manager Mark is hugely knowledgeable and well-connected with suppliers. While there are many different ways to go about a repair, he will find the best options, often saving cars that lesser skills could not. Also, his estimates are usually right on the money. Some others in the area will lowball you, then the actual claim will run hundreds or thousands more. Mark tells it like it is. Body man Carlos is excellent at all phases of the repair, but he is a veritable ace with metal. And when it comes to bumpers, he doesn't have just one filler that sort of works. He has the best products for each stage of each particular job, and for me on a couple of occasions he has been truly generous with his huge expertise. Painter Brett is amazing. When you look at people's work, you can tell in about one nanosecond if they give a darn, and Brett does. I'd been eyeballing paint guns recently and I was eager to pick his brain. I asked him if he liked the Anest Iwata paint gun better than the Sata. He replied, "I don't know. I've only used it for a year!" Then he generously proceeded to tell me the differences in trigger stroke, fan, and ergonomics. He explained the different overlaps that worked best with each particular gun. Brett's work is beautiful, and if the repair should be tough due to the vagaries of UV exposure or whatnot, Brett can work magic inside or outside of the formula. I got the feeling that all three of these guys have very high standards and learn and notice things that most other people don't. Rates are about the same all over, so why not take the work to people who get it done. Your blood pressure will be lower.

By clara on Fri 04 March 2011

The replacement of my Toyota's headlights was done promptly and courteously. Mark explained every line of my estimate to me so I fully understood. I have friends who go to Marks Body Shop and all speak very highly of the good service and friendly atmosphere.

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