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1b Tompkins Rd Old Saybrook, CT 6475 (860) 395-1552
By kstanzo on Thu 01 March 2012

Our experience started out to be positive. Lou took 2 - 3 extra weeks to complete job. Lou did pay for a car rental for 3 days and paid 500 toward replacing the tires. These were nice gestures. How ever when he was finished with the car it was not safe. He drove it with us and acknowledged something was wrong. He blamed it on alignment, would keep the car for 2 days and do nothing. The car was worked on 6/11 and went back in the shop through 12/11 7 until he just ignored me. The front end shook terribly after 50 miles an hour, when I took my foot off the gas it would try and straighten itself our and shoOk hard to the left. I have a beautiful vehicle. 2004 Volvo E 90. He does great body work but not anything mechanical. He replaces the radiator and it leaks. Every time he tried to fix the electric system windows would go up and down on its own he would break something else and than gave me my car back with the drivers window not going down or the lock would work. We finally took the car to Whaling Ford where we purchased the car and they said they would not touch it. The mechanic told me the car is unsafe to drive. The frame is bent or the wrong size and the tie rods are place incorrectly. I GAVE THIS TO ALLSTATE WHO BULLIED ME TO GO TO LOU IGNORED THE REPORT. Lou soaked ALLSTATE for $12,000.00 OVER A FEW INVOICES OF WHICH YOU ARE NOT EVEN INFORMED . IF WE WERE INFORMED OF ADDITIONAL WORK WE WOULD HAVE GONE ELSE WHERE. He never corrected his horrible work. Allstate another sham. They claim they do not have to guarantee the work and will not pay to correct the mess. BEWARE when you have an accident. ALLSTATE will recommend a company and make you believe you have no choice. You feel boxed in. Bring your car to the DEALER AND DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. ALLSTATE DOES NOT GUARANTEE THERE WORK AND THE WHOLE THING YOU SEE ON TV ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS ONLY APPLIES TO THE EXPENSIVE POLICY THAT WE WERE NOT MADE AWARE OF. ALSO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU RENEW YOUR INSURANCE. MY AGENT TOOK OUT ROAD SERVICE TRYING TO SAVE MONEY AND NEVER DISCUSSED. READ BETWEEN THE LINES. I DO NOT AND RECOMMEND LOU'S COLLISION. I GAVE HIM THE REPORT FROM FORD STATING THE TIE RODS ARE WRONG AND CHECK THE FRAME AND STILL NOTHING. I must now sue him in court and file a complaint

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