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647 e 24th street, holland, MI 49423 Get Phone Number

42.7759 -86.0783

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AutoMD Member Reviews for Lentz Auto Repair Holland

By gtom on Fri 11 November 2011

Met a fellow named Jeff (manager?) and he was extremely friendly and helpful. Not sure what the other reviewer was writing about because my experience was really good.

By Fair on Thu 31 March 2011

We had a coupon for free brake pads and were not greeted very receptively when we declined further service. My husband called our regular mechanic and they could do it cheaper so it was only logical we would bring it there. (beyond the free coupon) He was treated very rude from then on out. He specified that he wanted ceramic pads and they agreed but did not follow through. Now his rims are getting filthy with every commute. When he called to inquire he was treated EXTREMELY poor... obscenities etc We were told by someone else before we went that the coupon wasn't worth it and their customer service was horrible but gave them the benefit of the doubt. Wish we could take that back now. :(((