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100 Keaton Ln Barboursville, WV 25504 (304) 736-0281
By Go Anywhere but Keaton's Auto-Body on Tue 07 December 2010

they are very bad. Don't use them

By Go Anywhere but Keaton's Auto-Body on Tue 07 December 2010

To summarize Keaton's Collision Center (Keaton's autobody) is pathetic.... Run as fast as you can to Gear Brothers or East End. They will burn you every time! I took my car in to Keaton because they are authorized to do work for Nationwise without involving the adjuster. Now I know why... They had my car in the "estimating phase" for weeks but I never received the estimate! I never authorized the work but they did the work anyway! Wow! Hope I didn't want a second opinion! They refused to fix all of the damages that resulted from the accident and presented me with a less than completed vehicle (and told me so the day they finished it). The remaining damage they seemed to believe that their experience had given them a sort of divine revalation to understand what damage they should count or not, without even inquiring of me! They refused to return phone calls, you can't even go over to their shop to see your property unless you can wait all day long because they have no one available to help you. I spoke with a competitor of theirs, East End Body shop and they were so much more helpful in explaining the damages that I was experiencing and provided plausible answers for what may have been occurring. The competitive shop was helpful to me even knowing that they would not be getting the job. Keaton's basically treated me completely unfair, would not communicate, would not return calls, would not provide details of the estimate or the scope of work, and then expected me to allow them to just rip and tear on my vehicle with a sledge hammer and be happy about it. Well, I'm not happy. Keaton's treated me like a third rate citizen which I would accept if their work was decent but their work is even worse!! I would trust any "shade tree" mechanic over this bunch of organizanized crime artists. Going to take my vehicle somewhere that will repair it correctly and thank God I have full coverage insurance that will cover the additional damages and then fight it out with Nationwise and their buddy system repair shop Keatons. I am providing this information so that hopefully it won't happen to you, and perhaps over time with continued feedback Keaton's will loose increasing business to the more reputable shops in the area. Good Luck and may God Bless you.

38.4095 -82.2946