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123 W 2nd St Miller, SD 57362-1315 (605) 853-2504
By Pootytangblue on Thu 28 August 2014

I would not recommend to EVER frequent. I live 2 blocks away( literally like a minute and a half away) I needed my battery jumped. He came, jumped it, and told me to follow him to the shop to test the battery for charging ability. I did so, where I was instructed to turn off the car. The car died again, he jumped it again, and then told me to step hard on the accelerater. He blew up my battery! Trapping me to have to get a new "used" one that had been sitting in his junk car lot. The total bill for 20 mins worth of time was well over $130. I was disgusted with the price. A mere jump start was $35! NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS SHOP!!!!

44.5171 -98.9891