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By Phenux2002 on Fri 09 December 2011

Sent in a vehicle that wouldn't start and asked to contact before working on. They fixed it by putting a new distributor on and called stating that it would be 200. I discussed the price on the phone and when I came but they wouldn't budge on the price. Not even for a one income family weeks before Christmas. I looked up the price on the distributor finding that it was a 25 dollar part and that they marked it up 100% to 50 dollars. When I went in Aron wasn't there, whom is great to talk with, but the old man there after me telling him that I don't see why it would be 200 dollars for a quick fix, and let me remind you I was very polite when discussing the price to him, that the part was dirt cheap and I didn't want any work done and that I could of came there with a distributor and done it my self to help save me money. Well the old man said how would you feel if I tacked on another 100 dollars how would that make you feel and that if I don't like it then don't come back. I said that if I did offend him over talking about the price then I apologize but I don't understand why he is being rude. Aron jumped in to shut the old man up saying that there was really nothing he could do with the price and that he understands that is high for only doing the distributor and a diagnostic... I have never felt more than ever that they didn't appreciate my business and plan on never returning again. Again Aron was great but that old man needs to realize how to treat people and not be such an ass.

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