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821 S Columbia St Bogalusa, LA 70427-5210 (985) 732-5579
By shaester_123 on Sat 26 February 2011

I am going to give it to you straight . I would not do business with this guy at all . To me he is a crook and a liar . And further more he does not like to work on newer cars . And really does not like to work on front weal drives I will go on to share my experience now . I had an oil leak coming from somewhere in my car . Well all the other car shops in town were full , so as a last option I went to him . He crawled up under my car and tried to tell me that the car had an oil leak coming from the valves . When he tried to show me , I said " wait if the spark plugs are on top how can that be so " " I thought these were the valves ' . He went into this long discussion about how I was wrong , and said " I wish I had better news for you " . He also said " its hard to find somebody that will fix that without charging you a arm and a leg " . Well to make a long story short , I said " ok thank you " and left . I went to somebody that is a friend of my grandmas . his occupation is a diesel mechanic for the army . he told me that my leak was coming from the oil pan , I had a broken seal . Well that same day we changed it out and that was the end of that problem . My personal advice would be NOT to use this guy . This year I tried to use him , my car had an oil leak and I was not sure where it was coming from

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