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110 Nepperhan Ave Elmsford, NY 10523-1804 (914) 347-7550
By GoofyDog on Sat 11 June 2011

Predator!!! convieniently located near I95 , 287 ,I87 and I84 in Elmsford N.Y. (near White Plains and Tarrytown), Towing is a highly competitive buisness. I know this ,as I drive a wrecker / Flat bed part time on weekends in Central N.J. . Having said that I also know when I see a shark that smells blood in the water. I can't solely blame Glen's towing for this practice of Sharking stranded motorists on Interstates . it is a "What the market will bear" situation , and an operation the size of Glen's has a very high overhead (Insurance, Equipment maintainence, Fuel ,initial cost of equipment ect.). Now , on to my individual experience with Glen's .... I was stranded on Route 287 (Cross Westchester Expressway) 5 miles from Glen's Location , I called my company's office located in Central Jersey, The task of finding a suitable towing service to aid me was assigned by my boss to a very buisness savy sales girl , who contacted Glen's for a price quote, in advance of authorizing a dispatch , Her Initial discussion involved giving my pinpoint location , as this was needed to determine the final cost of the tow. The receptionist at Glen's agreed to call back with a quote before dispatching a truck to my location.....Next thing I know, I see a heavy wrecker appear before me , and thinking all was well , and authorized I allowed the driver to "Hook" my truck and tow it to their location for diagnostics. Upon Arriving at Glen's shop , I was escorted up a flight of stairs to their office , where I again called my office and immediately was put through to the sales girl who handeled the transaction, "you're where"? she said. "They were supposed to call me with a quote first" she said. "Whats the total"? I then asked the Glen's receptionist what the cost of the tow was, $350 she replied . I nearly fell off the chair I was sitting in , I then relayed to the sales girl from My company the cost and she almost had a heart attack! , "How far did they tow you?" "Only about 5 miles" I replied. Upon hearing my side of the conversation, The receptionist then said I called so and so (the sales girl) twice and all I got was her voicemail (lies , as the sales girl kept her line open waiting for either Glen's or my call as top priority), I then handed my Cellphone to the receptionist , where I heard her side of the conversation, when she stated, Oh !! I dispatched a truck to get your driver off the roadway and was going to give you a quote for the tow and repair together, (nothing said about attempting to call her and getting voicemail). After returning me my cellphone, The receptionist then said "I'm so sorry , but this is my first day here" , yet as I watched her conduct buisness , she displayed knowledge and command of the office as if she'd been there for years ,( finding right filing cabinet drawers without thought ,handing dispatches and paperwork to drivers and mechanics , referring to them simply as YOU , not using names, and doing so with authority, not tentitavely the way a 1st day employee would.) I then left the office for privacy and called my office again, The sales girl told me "you have to talk this guy down on the price , you Know the deal, You drive a wrecker, right"? , Yes I replied, I'll see what I can do, So , the receptionist pointed out the owner ... Glen... to me ,and told me, he's a really nice guy , he'll talk with you. So I approached him with an air of comradery, "Dude, $350 for a 5 mile tow, without dropping the driveshaft? , Thats a little steep, ain't it? I drive a wrecker on weekends I know the deal". His reply was immediate and foreboding, "You want to be a smart ass?, Fine , How about I just drop the F___ing thing and you can walk your ass back to Jersey?" $350 cash and Get the F___ing thing out of here or the price goes up." Once again I called my office , to inform them of the most recent turn of events, and the sales girl then called Glens office to smooth things over and reign in a situation that was spiraling out of control. Next I know a mechanic began diagnostics on my truck, after several failed attempts , he finally began getting error codes on his analyser ,( Low fuel preasure at several cylinders was predominant ) and the Mechanic started saying things about "O" rings that seat the fuel rail , a time consuming , pain in the ass job , and I then said "well give me some numbers, so I can call my boss and see what he want's to do", at that The mechanic got on his Nextell to Glen and fed him the error codes and told him I needed a quote to give my boss , before any work could begin, since they were communicating by nextell ,I could hear both sides of the conversation and never was offering a quote considered , Glen's voice crackled, ask the driver what he want's to do? Again I repeated "I need numbers first". which the Mechanic relayed to Glen . Again I heard Glens voice, his choices are we work on the truck, we tow him back to Jersey to his own mechanic , or he gets someone up here from Jersey to tow him out of here, never was a price for repair ever mentioned, I then proceded to Glen's office where I gave him my Boss's Cell number so they could hash things out between them , a decision was reached to have Glen's tow my truck back to Jersey , this now included dropping the drive shaft,and included following a route that took 107 miles @ 2 1/2 hours drive time following Rout 287 the entire way to central Jersey , avoiding any toll roads, total for services rendered , $1000 cash only ....To be fair to Glen's Central Jersey Prices and N.Y. prices for this service are wildly differint , Had I run a vehical the same distance I would have charged between $650 and $750 , depending on traffic , and there was heavy outbound traffic approaching and running the TappanZee bridge (peak Evening rush). Depending on Fuel economy of Heavy Wrecker used I would estimate roughly $200 in fuel costs leaving a minumum of $450 to pay the driver, wear and tear on equipment, and profit, Glen's left $800 to cover these costs, and the Cash only requirement is kind of an industry standard , and is required before dropping the vehical from the tow truck , also to be fair that price included the $350 for the initial tow from point of breakdown , and roughly 1 hour analysing my truck, but The total lack of Quoteing price of Initial tow , before dispatching the wrecker, and dancing around giving any quote for repair, and just Glen's General attitude toward a potential client in a difficult situation , were TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE . My company runs several trucks through his area of coverage daily, and if his rates and buisness practices were acceptable, We would have loved to add him to our database of who to call in an emergency, Lets Just say that The Info that The sales girl collected on Glen's went into the cylindrical file on the floor next to her desk, and not the file drawer marked incase of emergency .

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