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3915 23rd St Columbus, NE 68601-2917 (402) 466-8449
By basketballrox103 on Mon 13 February 2012

Took my car in to have some exhaust work done and they were extremely helpful and fixed everything. Prices are good and they have fast and friendly service and are also very knowledgeable. Would defiantly recommend.

By ChadHissong on Thu 14 April 2011

I went in because my car was making noise when I would put on the brakes, which I figured was my brakes going bad. They told me I would need new brake pads for front & back, but forgot to tell me that my drums in the bad were really rusted. So they put everything back together & it seem to be working OK for the first day. The next day it started grinding really bad, took it back to the & they said nothing was wrong because they couldn't hear anything. So two days went by and as I was headed towards their business it started making the noise again, so I stopped in & seen them. The guys said oh it is because your drums are really rusted and the rubbing. I was like why didn't you tell me this in the first place. So how much will this cost me, he called got price of $36 a piece & he said we would waive the labor. When he got the drums in he was suppose to call me & never did. Plus he up the price to $45 a piece. I will definitely not go back to Freeway Muffler & Brakes for anything!!!

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