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By Jim McGinnis on Fri 30 December 2011

I have always done my own vehicle repairs but due to an injury I am currently unable so I very reluctantly took my beloved XJ8 to Foreign Car Service. After Jim inspected the front end he called with the bad news that virtually everything on the front suspension was shot. He said the best course of action was just to replace it all. The new parts alone were $2500.00. He said if I wanted to source the parts myself he was OK with installing them but his past experiences with used parts were hit or miss, but, if I had a breaker that I was comfortable with that was fine. I found the parts at Tom's Foreign Auto Parts in Waterbury, CT, whom I highly recommend, and had them shipped directly to Jim's shop. While Jim was performing the repairs he saw that the front pads were in need of replacement and instead of just slapping it back together and getting another visit out of me he went ahead and replaced the pads with ceramic ones just as I would have done. When I went to pick the car up he had the original parts boxed up to show me and explained what he had done and why. He treated my car just as his own and saved my car at a fraction of the cost I thought it would be. Had I taken it to a Jaguar dealership the repairs would have made it uneconomical to repair. My gratitude for Jim's honesty and quality of workmanship cannot be expressed with words. I have a Jaguar, Land Rover, and Triumph and I will not hesitate to hand the keys over to him in the future if their repairs exceed my ability or skill level. I would recommend Jim's shop to anyone within driving distance of Harrisonburg, VA who needs there foreign car serviced.

38.4558 -78.8649