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By pzz2yx on Thu 14 June 2012

Horrid. They started the inspection, didn't know how to run the program to do the emissions test. After that, it was smooth sailing until they pulled my back tire. Here, there is a drum brake. The drum had a lip from being used for over 100k miles. Instead of using the inspection porthole, he just pried and pried and pried and pried. In doing so, he broke my spring kit and took chunks out of my pads. Therefore, $70 inspection turned into a $330 dollar adventure. I came in the next day to pick it up and asked him if my car had the inspection porthole.... He said no. I showed him the porthole and he said "oh yeah, it does have one but I couldn't get my head into there to see and and loosen the adjuster." Again, I called him out on the fact that i fit my head and hand in there to find it while the tire was on. His response, " Oh yeah, the springs were already broken and they wouldn't adjust." So either he was just trying to take me to the cleaners, or he is just that incompetent. Either way, never go there. If I could, i would have given him a zero

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