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404 S Sunshine Blvd Eloy, AZ 85231-2450 (520) 466-9535
By kdamnd on Thu 04 August 2011

BEWARE! Don't take your vehicle here they charged me $3000 the 1st time they had my truck and told me everything was warranteed. Then 3 months later when I had the same problem they told me only the parts were warranteed i'd have to pay labor costs again. So they had my truck almost a month then charged me $300 more. This time when i got my truck back the a/c no longer worked they told me, "are you sure it worked when you brought it" HELL YES I'm SURE IT DID!!!! Also the cruise control no longer works so now i have to take my truck somewhere else to fix what they broke. Wish i had never gone to Eloy Automotive Diesel

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