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220 Rusell Rd Ashland, KY 41101 (606) 326-9857

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  • Body Miscellaneous
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  • Acura
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By Truth In Advertising on Sat 19 March 2011

I generally don’t write reviews – especially not bad ones, but I would feel terrible if someone else went through the same thing with these people. The mechanic that my family used for decades passed away and we desperately needed my car repaired.First of all, they are NOT reasonable on repairs . Unfortunately desperation won out over logic. He told us it would be three or four days to fix our car. After several phone calls and hours of waiting at the shop, we got the car back after TWO WEEKS. I know that things happen. In this case what happened was that he opted to fix the trucks for a local company before he fixed my car. He never told us that it would be an additional week and a half, he would always add two days. Finally we had to go wait in the shop for hours for him to fix the car. If you ever are told to wait in the “office”, DON’T. My clothes were ruined from the filth. Ladies, I say that he told “us”, but he is one of the mechanics that will act like you are an idiot and talk to any male you bring with you. You are always his “sweetheart,” “darlin,” etc… I don’t have any problem with being called any of those things when it’s not by someone that is acting like I’m too stupid to tell what the problem is – even though it’s my car and my money. The best part is that after he returned my car, it started acting the same way the NEXT DAY. I took the car back and was told that it was “normal” and just had to burn fluids off the engine. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my car started doing the exact same thing I paid nearly $700 dollars to fix. His response – we would have to pay another small fortune for him to fix what he didn’t fix in the first place. Unhappy with having to pay more? He says you’re welcome to sue him, he has great insurance. Don’t you love great customer service?

38.4933 -82.666