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AutoMD Member Reviews for Dial Transmission, Inc.

By Brian C. on Thu 04 October 2012

When you find out that your car is having transmission problems the first thing that comes to mind is that im in for a big expence.Well that part is right ! Questions start to fill my mind like ,will I be throwing money at a wrongly diagnosed problem ?Thats the part that i found so frustrating.If i have to pay then i want the peace of mind to know that my mechanic is going to fix the problem, and not send me on a problem fishing adventure with my money. After hitting a few local mechanic shops i had quikly realized that most of them wanted to do all the easy bill padding stuff but didnt want to take the time , or maybe just didnt have the proper equipment to diagnose my problem.The problem was getting worse and i needed to do something,and a friend had very strongly recomended pat at dial transmission,so i called over there and from the second i started explaining my problem it felt like he had a real clue as to what could be done. The next day i brought over my 2002 chevy impala, pat hooked it up to his state of the art machinery and he had the answer ,it was that easy,he took the time to explain what the problem was and the steps he was going to take to fix it.I have waited two months since the repair before i decieded to write a review and i am happy to say the car is running great ! Iam so happy i met pat and his staff,they truley are great at what they do ,and i would recomend that if you have had enough of the run around then its time to ditch the rest and try the BEST!!! Thanks,Pat

By DWinter on Fri 14 September 2012

I have a '97 MB E420 that sat for over a dozen years so has very few miles and is in pretty decent shape. I have a guy that I trust who usually works on it but is located too far from home for the flat tire I had. I tried to swap the flat for the spare myself but because the car had sat unused for so long, the wheel was frozen in place. I walked the couple of blocks from home to the shop I had noticed on Merrick Rd. and prepared myself to to be wary of getting ripped off. Instead, Pat, the owner, loaned me the use of his air tank and told me to drive the car on the few blocks so that he could look at it right away, despite being short one mechanic and having a full shop of work on a Friday afternoon. Not only did he free the frozen stuck wheel and repair the tire with a nail stuck in it, he freed the other three wheels in case I ever had a problem with one of those and would need to change a tire by the side of the road. We chatted some in between customers coming in and I could tell that his regular customers trusted him and new customers who had been refereed to him quickly grew at ease. Pat refused to take any payment from me for what he clearly considered a minor chore. I almost want the car to have transmission trouble so I can bring it back to him for real work. Almost.

By Steve G. on Mon 10 September 2012

Always had fear of the ''Trani Shop''? Can I trust them? Am I going to get ripped off? Is it just a ten dollar part and I'm paying thousands ? I know we all have these questions . Well I'm happy to say that I found a place that I can trust. Dial Transmissions in Bellmore , N.Y. As a local business owner I reached out to some well respected local mechanics that I knew. Each one recommended "Pat over at Dial " . I met with Pat the next day. We took the truck for a test drive and as expected the trani was slipping real bad . Pat asked me to bring my truck back the next day so he can get it on the lift. Confirmed , trani no good. 2100.00. Told Pat to proceed and picked up my truck one and a half days later. I 'm happy to say that the truck was not dirty and greasy inside as I feared and the estimate for the job was right on . I asked Pat to explain what happened to the trani. He did and I did'nt understand .( Should have never asked ). As i drove away I had this fear of the trani slipping again, but it felt great ! That was 35k miles ago and my son now owns the truck . Alls well . Oh ,by the way I forgot to mention that besides trani work Dial also handles all types of auto repairs. Thanks Pat !