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491 3rd Ave Jasper, IN 47546-3502 (812) 482-1881
By BOOGER on Wed 22 August 2012

I've taken my truck here three times. The first time was good, a little bit of trouble with time but not bad. Another repair was needed so I brought it back to them. LIke I said, the first visit wasn't bad. It took a month to get it back this time.Calling them don't help! They feed ya some B.S. about "I ain't got to it yet, I'll get to it this afternoon and call ya back" and then they never call ya back. So you call the next day, "Oh I didn't get to it yesterday, I"ll get to it today, I"ll call ya back this afternoon," again I have to call back and it's the same thing "I couldn't get to it". I'm currently on my third repair, and I decided to go through them. When it got up to 9 days, I almost took it somewhere else and he said "let me look at it, i'll get to it today," and he did. He said "It should be ready by Wednesday." It's Wednesday, and now I'm one day shy of two weeks, and still, no truck. "I didn't have time to do what I wanted to it, I'll get to it this afternoon and I'll call ya back." Long story short if you don't need the vehicle you're taking to them for a month or so, take it to them. They'll fix it, eventually. But if you don't need it why spend the money to get it fixed? This place needs a better time management lesson for themselves and their customers!!!!

By MERCILESSHADOW on Sun 29 July 2012

I took my car there for a timing chain guide repair it was making a real bad knocking sound and i found a plastic guide that goes up against the timing chain had broke so i took it to denny's auto they told me it would cost around $300 to $350 for repairs by the time they had finished with my car it was up to $705.65 and it still sounds the same as it did before i took it there if not worse i will be filing a small claims suit against them soon. i DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TAKING THEIR CAR THERE FOR ANYTHING NOT EVEN TO AIR A TIRE UP!!!

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