Dan & Chuck's Kar Kare Llc



27272 w 6 mile road, redford, MI 48240 Get Phone Number

42.4137 -83.315

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    AutoMD Member Reviews for Dan & Chuck's Kar Kare Llc

    By olibroccoli on Tue 14 October 2014

    I came to the shop after my Tuesday meetup with the locals. Just dropped by for a quick estimate of a busted drive shaft which I suspected where the car noises came from. The process didn't took much of my time which is a big plus for any first time customer like me.

    By Andy on Sun 22 January 2012

    Great place. I saw their sign that stated they've been in business for over thirty years, and when my Town Car had a brake line leak, I decided to look them up on the internet. Their reviews were all positive, and people raved about how well they were treated. I can now say, i have the same opinion. The place is super clean and the staff very friendly. George welcomed me to the shop and was very courteous. I received a phone call within a few hours with an assessment and very fair price. The car was done when they said it would be and George said they did a free brake inspection and I was still in good hard sell for more've got to appreciate that honesty. I will continue to give them my business, and I have already, through my experience, convinced my father-in-law to take his vehicle in for service. Thanks, Dan & Chuck, and a special props to George for representing the company so well.