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410 Odd Fellows Rd Crowley, LA 70526-2207 (337) 788-2272
By happy on Wed 08 February 2012

Well, I have to say that the owner and workers were the most friendly people I have met. The owner went out his way to help me with my auto repair and oil change. He explained the problems and the fixed it quickly and effectively. The building and waiting room was clean and nice. His fees were reasonable and even offered to bring me to work since my car was at his facility. I would definitely recommend Crowley Performance to my family and friends, and I will return for my next oil change. Thank you for great service.

By rippedoff on Wed 14 September 2011

Do not enter if you value your money and do not want to get cursed by the owner. Brought mother in law's car because of a/c issues. First trip diagnosed, and needed $700 dealer part. Was given the part number and told to google it and get it cheaper. Was also informed they would replace for 1 hour labor. I thought that's cool of them to try to save their customers money. Boy was I wrong, they just want your savings in their pocket. Brought the car back about a week later, but it was too late that day, so was told to bring back the next morning. I asked again that they were only going to charge 1 hour and was told yes. Brought in the next morning. Asked again about the hour because it did involve removing dash. Was confirmed again. All 3 times by the same guy, THE OWNER. Get the call to pick up car, was told, "oh and by the way something(?) made a mistake and it took 2 of my guys 3 hours to do the job, but I'm only going to charge you for 2. I think that's fair." I said no you told me 1 hour. He started to repeat and I said be there in a few minutes. Upon arriving was asked if having a good day. I told him "NO, when a man gives his word I expect him to keep it. Not only did you tell me 1 hour but did it on 3 separate occasions. I know businesses are in business to make a profit, but it is YOUR mistake. I will pay you but you will never see me in your door again." He took my money and threw the change on the counter. As I got to the door, I caught he and his tech laughing. So I asked him if he thought it was funny. His words were "YES JUST ANOTHER FU..... DUMBA... TRYING TO GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING." It seems that is what THE OWNER thinks of "his" customers. Oh and my mistake(other than going there to begin with) I got nothing in writing and he didn't even offer a receipt. I had to rate to post, but they deserve 0.

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