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18 Buck St Muncy, PA 17756-7767 (570) 546-5051
By Matt B on Mon 15 December 2014

If you want your vehicle fixed at a reasonable rate without BS or any nonsense, Tim and Mike are your guys. The garage is about what you'd expected from a rural garage, but their service is top notch and they stand by their work. The only difficulty is that they do not accept credit cards. I had an issue with my F150 blowing a spark plug out of the cylinder head for the second time. This meant that I'd likely have to pay about $2000 for a new head. After telling them I didn't have that kind of discretionary cash they put their minds to work on custom patch job that cost less than $200. The only catch is that they would not warranty that it would last which, to me, was a fair compromise considering. The truck now has 2500 miles on that patch and it runs better than it has in a while. They're now my go-to guys!

41.1992 -76.7303