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Chapman BMW collision center


5301 S kyrene Tempe, AZ 85283-6408 (480) 949-8959

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Monday - Friday
7:30AM - 5:30PM


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Cash, Check, Credit Card

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  • Collision - Paint & Body Work
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By trbokix on Fri 21 September 2012

I was in an accident by a driver who forgot blind spots need to be check at all times, resulting in what i thought was minor damage to the passenger side of my vehicle. Come to find out it added up to 3k as an estimate. Fortunatly the ditzy blonde driver who had collided with me had USAA insurance which covered a rental car for me and covered my repairs completely. Chapman called the next day at 10 AM after a follow up with the insurance company as well as Enterprise which I was dumb founded by such immediate response from an insurance company/body shop/rental company... Hands down this has been the most pleasant experience with a body shop/insurance company I have ever delt wih, and for some reason living in AZ I have delt with both 3 times in the last year... I only wish they would have charged a higher hourly rate to really drive the point home of the importance of checking the blind spots in those oh so oversized SUV's!

By karen on Fri 27 July 2012

Unfortunately I've been in a few accidents, so I know how all this works, yes, the initial Ins. estimate usually goes up as they don't have the car apart yet. So the reviewers above are fortunate to think this is a rare thing. They took a reasonable amount of time (1 month) on my repairs as it was rather serious damage, I would rather it be done right than rushed. My insurance pays for this and my rental, rental coverage is very important lol, so ins has to approve the repairs the body shop is requesting before they proceed, there is no room for getting ripped off. Second of all they are BMW certified, so they can't ghetto rig the repairs, so if you're paying out of pocket and looking for cheap quick fixes this is probably not the right place for you, but being a BMW owner that's not for me. The staff was nice enough, but being that I've been there a couple times now, seem a bit friendlier haha. My car came out great both times, except this time needing an adjustment with one of my lights, which they did right then. So thanks for taking care of my baby Chapman! Karen P. "ask questions...knowing is growing"

By Jack on Fri 11 May 2012

I lost a significant portion of my front bumper cover and grill after running over a truck tire tread. My insurance company (USAA) recommended three shops, and I chose Chapman. I read the reviews here after I had already made the appointment, and worried that perhaps I would have a bad experience as well. The car still seemed okay to drive, so I drove it there for an estimate. Ruth took great care of me and went out of her way to make sure the car was still road worthy. They were very up front about the fact that there could be additional damage once they had it torn down, and indicated that clearly on the estimate. I took it in a few days later. They did find additional damage as expected, but it was nothing shady, and Ruth called and e-mailed me with the revised estimate right away. The estimated repair time was 7 business days. I had my car back in 4 days. It looks better than it did before the accident, and contrary to the above reviews the staff was very professional, there were no shenanigans, and I see no reason not to recommend Chapman.

By I hate chapman bmw collision on Sat 21 January 2012

That was my review above. I got my car back yesterday! Between my last review and now the price WENT UP TO $25,000!! I got it back, and the AC doesn't work right, and THEY TURNED ON THE AIRBAG AFTER I TOLD THEM NOT TO AND DIGNIFIED MOTORS TOLD THEM NOT TO! I drive from my wheelchair, and that is extremely dangerous to have on! The wiring needs to be fixed, and the guy doubled over the threads on the bolt to my U cuff! That is what I found the first day. Oh, and three light are out in my dashboard. They told me it was good as new. Wow .They knew I NEEDED my car and they didn't start it for SIX WEEKS! They blamed the insurance, and yet they told my dad a week in they were approved. He told them to start no matter what; we'll pay for it. I begged them for the car, and the woman told me she understands because she had a stroke. I met her, and she was totally able-bodied (could drive any car). I told her she didn't understand, and she argued with me. Just some of the lies: -They told my dad they got approved after a week, and they told me yesterday it sat there for 6 weeks because it wasn't approved. My dad told them day one to start no matter what we'll pay out of pocket if we have to. Also they told us at the beginning they were on it! -They blamed Dignified Motors and Honda for the air bag screw up, but Dignified told them to make sure to leave the airbag off. When I said I was going to call Dignified she changed her story the third time and said it may have been them. -They told me Thursday when they drove it they thought the stearing wheel felt weird, the next day they said they haven't been able to drive it.

By I hate chapman bmw collision on Fri 13 January 2012

They first told me it would take 3 weeks to do the repair. It has been more than 2 months and I still don't have my vehicle!!! I was supposed to get it Friday, but now it is Tuesday...if I'm lucky. They know that is the only car I can drive because I drive an accessible vehicle and they haven't made any effort to hurry, but instead have given me so many stories they seem to be getting caught up in their lies. At first the quote was $8,000, but after a month turned into a few more thousand, and has fast approached $18,000. I've done everything but beg on my paralized knees, and they don't care. I've have to cancel a vacation thanks to their lack of consideration. If you have an option to GO SOMEPLACE ELSE; SAVE TIME AND LOTS OF MONEY!!!!

By BEWARE on Wed 14 September 2011

Took my car to the BMW Collision Center for repair - What a mistake! I have had multiple issues with them and it seems as though they don't want to take responsibility whatsoever. First, the bumper trim does not line up properly, it fits in, but there is a huge gap on either side. My gas cap is extremely hard to get off (something I noticed the first time I went to fill up), and the nozzle is hard to insert. I find it hard to believe that none of this is related to the repair work they have done as it was never an issue before (they pulled the frame... could it be possible something was jarred??). I was told to "get a new gas cap and see if that works." Also, while driving down the freeway I started to hear a weird noise, then all of a sudden a chunk of black plastic flew off the car. Something (shroud) under the front wheels had came loose and rubbed against the tire and shredded off. I was told I "must have ran my car into a curb or something to jar the plastic loose." THIS IS INSANE!!!! NO accountability for their actions and trying to pass the blame on me. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Nothing but trouble. They try waaaayyy too hard to pass the blame. These items were never an issue until I took the car in. VERY UNHAPPY! Use this body shop at your own risk!!

By Rick on Fri 18 February 2011

After taking 3 different quotes. I decided to get it fixed with Chapman BMW. Other 2 quotes were lower, their hourly rate was less than $90 vs. Chapman BMW was $120. The reason, I went with them was they have BMW in their name, So I thought they will be able to repair my X5 properly. After all the fixes, when I got my car back. Driver Seat power controls did not work, which was working fine before I gave it to them. They did not take the responsibility of fixing it. There are 3 motors/actuators for the power seat. All 3 stopped working at the same time. This is going to cost me more than $800, on top of $4300 they charged!!! I would avoid this shop at all cost. In case, if you need to go there make sure to get a signature of the sales person on the paper work about all the power-seats, windows, strereos, moonroof, etc. are working fine. Have fun! -Rick

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