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By CAF on Mon 13 February 2012

When checking under the hood of my vehicle after having my brake pedal suddenly go to the floor ... while 20" from home, out in the country, in northern Minnesota, in Dec, out of cell phone range, (as well as being disabled) ... I found that my brake fluid reservoir, my coolant reservoir and my washer fluid reservoir were not only empty but completely bone dry. When I had my vehicle serviced the next day by another party it was found that my power steering fluid was almost empty, my oil was filthy and several quarts low and the filter was filthy and had to be replaced. I had just been serviced by the Northfield, MN Castrol Premium Lube Express 6 weeks prior. This would mean that not only would none of these fluids have been filled at that time but they most likely had also not been filled during at least the two services previous to that. It's questionable that the oil was even changed. I spoke with the manager, Curt, once who said he would look into the situation and call back. He has not called back, does not return calls and has been "not available", "just left", "not here at the moment" or "not in today" since. At this point I am taking this issue to the next step and will be reporting to the BBB, the State Attorney General's office and elsewhere.

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