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By oconnor309 on Tue 15 March 2011

I bought a used Mazda 5 from them about a month ago. I felt I was getting a good car at a reasonable price. When I test drove it there was some shaking in the steering and there was a bit of a mess in the back storage compartment. They said that they would resolve this. I also asked if the recall had been taken care of on the vehicle and they stated that it had. When they gave me the car to take home the mess was not cleaned up, they said that they couldn't get it clean, and they said that the steering issue was resolved. On my hour drive home I realized that the steering was still shaking. I figured that I could take care of the mess. Over the next few days I saw that the engine was leaking oil and since the steering was still an issue I thought it would be best to take it back to Castle to take a look at the steering again and have the oil issue checked out. After I made the hour drive to the dealer I explained to the service department my issues and even the mess in the storage console in the back. They said that they would take care of everything and I would be all set. After I waited for over six hours I got my car back with them telling me that it was done. They said that they replaced a cover for an oil filter and re balances the tires and I should be good. On my hour drive home the car was still shaking, the mess was not cleaned and over the next couple of days the cardboard box I put under the car had a fresh pool of oil. I took the car to a Mazda Dealer and they told me what was wrong with my car. The cover of the oil filter had a crack in it, my front rims were bent so I needed new front wheels, the transmission fluid was filthy and the ignition system needed to be cleaned. I had the oil filter cover taken care of at Mazda and they did a great job but everything else I had done at Sears and they did a great job. Mazda also informed me that the recall was not taken care of for this vehicle so I had them take care of that also. I called Castle and explained to them that they did nothing and their response was what do I want them to do about it. I had no answer because I wasn't going to take it to the service department again because my confidence in their honor was shot and it was obvious that they did not care about the time and money I was going to have to put into the car. So after I spent over $1400 to get the car to a level that I felt comfortable letting my wife drive the car is wonderful. I think it would probably have cost the dealer less than $800 to fix the issues and they could have charged a couple of thousand more for the car and shown that they take pride in their dealership and the way they take care of their customers. I do not recommend them and I would have the car inspected by another dealer before I bought from them. Thank you.

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