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Overall review rating

yelp rating 5 Average Rating 5 Based on 15 reviews

Yelp Reviews for C & R Tire Anthem

  • Romeo T.

    Thu 19 March 2015

    These guys are awesome. I drove 10 hours to visit a childhood friend of mine & in the middle of my stay my car started over heating. I looked at different...

  • Jim S.

    Wed 13 May 2015

    I live very close to the store at Cave Creek and Bell and my Dad used to live close to the store on Tatum and Bell. I once had a bad battery coming home...

  • Amanda W.

    Wed 08 April 2015

    Couldn't have been a better experience. I will and have recommended this location to many friends and family. Tom was especially helpful and made what would...

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Overall review rating

Average Rating 1.0 Based on 1 reviews

AutoMD Member Reviews for C & R Tire Anthem

By jasonH on Wed 14 March 2012

On my first trip to C & R tire shop in Anthem Arizona, I was pleased since I was about to get the service that I wanted and at the price they originally quoted. They got me in and out fairly quickly, which was pleasing. However, that’s about the end of the praises for this shop. I found that they sprayed grease all over the entire drivers side front hub cap. This took quite a bit of scrubbing to get off. That’s the slightest of the issues. The next weekend I changed my brakes and found out that the C & R tire tech. cross threaded one of my lug nuts which caused my stud to break off. I called them and explained the issue and they said just bring it in and they’ll fix it. So, I had to drive another 36 minutes one way to get something fixed that should never have been broken. Later that day I found out that they did not prepare for my arrival when I found out they did not have a matching lug nut for my make and model (mind you, they had a week to get one since I called ahead). Finally, here is the best part of my Saturday trip to an inadequate tire shop to fix the lug nut they broke. When the extremely dirty mechanic started heading to my car (without any floor mats or seat covers) he pushed the key remote to unlock the door, but then stopped to talk to someone in the parking lot for so long that the car re-locked its doors. Once he was done talking, he snatched up on the locked door handle so hard (thinking it was unlocked) that he broke the handle off. Then the floor sales person asked me a very unintelligent question; “Is there some trick to opening your door?” I told him, this is the second thing on my car that you guys have broken. He then gave me attitude about how the door must have been ready to break off anyway and it would have happened eventually. He was seriously arguing with a customer trying to rationalize why it was his civic duty to expose things on my car that are ready to break, I should be thanking him! What a complete jerk. Not only did this guy have a heap of indignation, but never once, not for the broken lug nut, the dirty mechanic sitting in my clean seats, the grease sprayed all over my hub cap, or the broken door handle, did this jerk ever say he was SORRY! No offer for refunds, gift cards, reduced service (not that I would have taken that), but nothing. Great example of how to run a business into the ground!