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301 N Calumet Rd Chesterton, IN 46304-2429 (219) 926-1900
By aaron on Fri 10 June 2011

This place is terrible and total crooks! I took a car in and asked for specific work to be done on something I knew would be a project kind of fix. They put on a part, which I supplied, and it made the car run worse. I knew this would happen. When I asked what they would charge for the next step they said they would let me know in the morning. When they never called me I called them and spoke with the mechanic who told me just to see what would happen he put back on the old part and the other work I wanted was out of their league to complete. Since I had already paid for the work I asked him to put the new part back on and I would come get the car. When I arrived the owner had a second bill waiting for me. I complained and even asked the mechanic why he had put back on the old part his simple reply was, "just to see what would happen" The owner said you still have to pay again. When I got upset she left the room saying she would lock my car up permanently and I would never see it again. I had to bring in the Chester Police Dept. to facilitate the exchange of cash and keys. I PAID TWICE! The attorney general is now investigaiting. DON'T GO THERE!

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