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By earthcat on Thu 06 January 2011

I brought my car in to have a small scratched fixed that was being covered my someone else's insurance. When I received my car the whole inside smelled strongly of paint and their was dusty dirt all over the interior surfaces. I thought this was a little strange because no inside work was done and usually if it is a place will cover up the interior surfaces to make sure it doesn't get dirty. Then I noticed a CIGARETTE BURN on the passenger seat, close to the driver's seat. I have never smoked cigarettes in my car and do not allow anyone else to do so, and I KNOW this burn was not there before I took my car into Biltmore Body to get it repaired. I called them and the receptionist told me to bring it back so they could look at it and "take it from there". She said "they shouldn't have been doing that" but did not sound too surprised. I took it back and the old man came out to look at it, and then said he wouldn't fix it. He claimed that none of their workers smoked cigarettes (HA!) and that he quit drinking 25 years ago. What the hell does that have to do with anything?! Very sketchy in my opinion. DONT GO HERE if you know whats best for you.

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