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By erin tyler on Mon 24 January 2011

*****DO NOT USE “BIG O TIRES!!!!!!!” CON-ARTISTS!!!!!! Last Saturday morning, after parking at New Frontiers, I got out of my car and noticed that my back DS tire was low, and my front DS tire was going flat. I called AAA and had my front changed to a spare. The driver told me the only tire shop open at the time was Big O Tires, on 89A. I went straight there. The manager was pretty professional. It took them about two hours to patch both the tires, which seemed a bit much, but I was just happy to be able to drive again. The cost for both patches was approx. $30.00. I left Big O Tires at about noon, and drove to my office (a half mile down the road). I hit nothing. No pot holes. No curbs. No nothing. I parked and went inside and when I came out, at about 4pm, my front tire was totally flat again. I called AAA once more, and had the front tire changed to the spare again. There were no open tire shops, so I drove my car to my home (2 miles away) and parked it there. I did not drive it anywhere else. By midnight, the back tire was completely flat. On Sunday, a friend/mechanic, came over to help me out. He had a look at the back tire and saw that—though it had been marked to be patched—no patch was ever put in the tire. The hole was still empty. He patched it up for me, and the tire worked perfectly. He mentioned this kind of thing happens all the time at Big O. He has often had to fix their shoddy repair jobs. On Monday morning, I drove the car back to Big O Tires and politely explained to the owner, a man named Phil, that I had been in on Saturday to have two tires patched, and that neither of the patch jobs “took.” He was immediately quite rude. He did not apologize, and told me I would have to wait an hour to be serviced. I waited an hour and forty five minutes. Phil then told me that my front tire had a tear in the wall, and that I would have to have a whole new tire put on my car. I asked him why his staff didn’t fix this when I brought it in on Saturday. His response was: “You hit something after you left my shop.” I then asked him—if this was true—to explain why BOTH TIRES went flat shortly after leaving here, and why the mechanic who fixed their mistake said no patch was put into the tire he fixed. Phil’s response was, verbatim: “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SHOP!” I was frightened and did just that. No explanation. No apology. No refund. All I got from Big O Tires was verbal abuse and what is inarguably the worst, most unprofessional service I have ever gotten, anywhere, from any business owner. DO NOT USE BIG O. TIRES!!!!!!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!

34.9477 -111.94