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By mwm on Mon 23 February 2015

I would not recommend this business. After our accident we told them to tow our severely damaged car to a junk yard. Instead, they stored it at their business for over three weeks. They did not inform us that our car is still at their place they just kept it there and charged us for the storage fee, which was extremely high. This is unacceptable.

By CWTRIC on Thu 20 September 2012

I was very, very disappointed in my recent involvement with Bentonville Towing. My son had an accident and totaled his car. The officers on scene contacted Bentonville Towing to come pick up the car. While there, the truck operators said nothing to us at all until I asked where the car was going to be taken. I was told the car would be at their impound lot on 8th street. That's it. No more information was provided. While working through a few other life issues we were also trying to figure out where we could have the car taken. We finally settled on a location and called to have the car towed. That's when we received the $457.80 bill. Yes, $457.80. Apparently when the police call for a tow, the towing company gets to charge $125.00 for the tow + $25.00 for clean-up. A little pricey but no big deal. (In contrast, the cost to tow the car to a location that was a further distance away than the accident scene was only $45.00.) But, here is where I have my real issue with this company. The bill included $225.00 in "storage" fees. Perhaps I am a bit naïve. But having never dealt with a car being towed to an impound lot before, I had no clue that there would even be a storage charge. The truck driver/operator never said anything at all about it. Granted, we didn't call the company until we had found a place for the car nine days later but I had no reason to think I needed to call them. If I had known I was going to be charged for every day that the car was on their property then I would have figured something out much sooner. I simply didn't know. I went to their facility on 8th street to discuss the bill and was told that it's “standard” to charge for storage. I'm actually fine with that. Charging for storage is not the problem. The problem is not telling someone (i.e. the paying customer) about the daily storage fee and then proceeding to just let the car sit there to suck money out of the customer's wallet. I was also told, "It's a business." I owned my own business as well and I can not imagine what my clients would have done if more than 50% of their final bill was from "standard" industry charges that I NEVER TOLD THEM ABOUT. That is simply not good business. Although the manager offered an apology, the bill remained at $547.80. Bentonville Towing had the opportunity to do the right thing, work with me, reduce the amount. They chose not to do so. I ended up paying in full because I had no choice. There is a right way to do business, and a wrong way to do business. In this instance, Bentonville Towing chose the wrong way. I can promise you that Bentonville Towing will never touch a vehicle of mine again and I intend to share my experience as often as possible with anyone who'll listen.

By Diana on Mon 20 August 2012


By dukkaboy on Thu 07 June 2012

AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!! These people have terrible customer service. They are interested in nothing but a paycheck. They treat you like dirt, and talk to you like they are superior and you know nothing. Their prices are not competitive at all because the local police use them for towing and recovery, so they do not care what they charge. NOT RECOMMENDED!!

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