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29615 Lakeland Blvd Wickliffe, OH 44092-2203 (440) 585-5656
By carbuyer on Tue 23 September 2014

I have never had an experience like this in my life. I called because HE advertised on Autotrader. I asked if he still had a vehicle available and he proceeded to tell me he had hundreds of great vehicles for sale and that I would need cash to step on his lot. I explained that I would be paying in cash but would like to take a look at some of his vehicles. Each step of the conversation brought us back to him doubting that I could pay for the car in cash. He explained that I could test drive only one car if I wanted the privilege of buying one of his wonderful vehicles. After explaining for the 5th time that I would be paying in cash he then accused me of being a drug dealer selling drugs to children to be able to afford this vehicle. I explained to him that his accusation was pretty insulting which caused him to explain further to me about his disgusting acts that apparently occur in his mansion that he has. This man lives in a beyond delusional world and should probably be removed from society. This man not only has no business skills and rude but his treatment and language is beyond what could be expected from a normal human being. The man was clearly high and unable to think in a way to communicate with people. I have never had an experience like this before...DONT EVEN ATTEMPT TO CALL HIM!

By Monty on Wed 27 August 2014

Marc has horrible people skills!!! All he talks about is how valuable his time is. He also has major issues towards women too. I am a male but had to listen to his BS about women for 5 minutes. I had to cut him off n tell him I wasn't a female n all I wanted to test drive a Fusion he had. He had four on the lot. After a long discussion about if could afford the car (I pulled up in a 45,000,00 car that I paid cash for) he finally let me back on the lot. The majority of the cars are not fixed right. You can see most with the naked eye. Gaps in the trunks, bumpers not lining up right, moon roofs that don't close all the way, gaps in quarter panels etc... So I picked out the Fusion I wanted to test drive n another conversation started about if I could afford the car. Told him I could write a check but all I wanted to do is test drive today. Started to tell him the car was not for me but my son when he cut me off n said I COULD NOT TEST DRIVE THE CAR. I had enough. Disgusted I started to walk off the lot, he then told me I have should gone to a car dealership. I turned around n had a few words about him n his people skills. I then pointed to my 45,000.00 dollar vehicle. Told him I paid cash for it n that he was an azz for even questing me if I could even afford the Fusion that I dove all the way out from Brunswick to see n test drive. My time is just as valuable as yours. I normally don't write reviews but felt I had to on this a hole. If you chose to do business with him. do not bring your wife n if your a female look elsewhere.

By chase on Tue 07 August 2012

The OWNER - MARK - first told my wife that he prefers not talk to women when dealing with car sales. Then told me the car I was interested in, that he rather take a sludge hammer to it then provide a car history report. His foul language was really offensive. Then he kept calling me back over 15 times within 5 minutes. This guy must either be a alcoholic or drug addict. His attitude towards my wife and I were appalling and disgusting. Little does he know we were buying this car to donate to a family at our church.

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