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By jb on Wed 11 August 2010

Called talked to the owner Jim.... He said yes i have a tranmission for your 2000 dodge caravan. Went there purchased a tranny for 500 dollars. Got home tranny was the wrong year,speed and was not a rebuilt tranny as he said it was. Had that verified by CR Tranny. They said they can tell that this had never been taken apart. His guys were all acting shady telling me im lucky it has a brand new torqe converter.. Which was not the case at all.. They were just taking my money and running.. Told him it was the wrong tranny he said "oh it must have been labeled wrong" .. I believed him as this was a older man so i though he would be trustworthy. even brough my 2 year old son with me and the guy still robbed me right in front of my son. With no remorse.. He said he found a right one but it would need to be rebuilt so i said go ahead and I'll pay whatever the difference is. 2 mo later still no tranny.. Gives me the run around saying that they shop where the tranny was located had a bridge wash out right in front of the shop so couldn't get it. Finally on a thursday he said i have the tranny and i said great il be there friday morning to pick it up.. he said well call first.. i said ok .. so i call him and he said hey to save you a trip il put it on a truck thats going to cedar rapids today and you can just meet them and pay them and get your tranny.. So still no tranny . won't pick up my calls, and tells me on sunday when i call him that he doesn't talk business on sunday and he's eating prime rib and lobster. This man feels no remorse for selling a part that wasnt' the correct part.. nor will he take it back and refund my money. I am now in the process of filing for a civil suit. and I sincerely hope that if you are looking for a used auto or truck part you go somewhere else.. I am a veteran of the US ARMY a 27 year old dad who is struggling to make it through the world just like everyone else. But I believe in Karma and this guy will get what is coming to him.

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