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AutoMD Member Reviews for Auto Sport

By AutoMD Member on Tue 10 September 2013

Great customer service, I felt like everything was explained to me and that I was getting honest and quality work done on my vehicle.

By shanasw on Sat 11 June 2011

They state: "Only the work you need" and stick to it. I've been taking my vehicles to Frank and Tim (among others) here and have always come away surprised at the lack of padding of price on the labor and/or parts. They just seem like honest and hard-working people to me and I feel like that is far less common than it should be in businesses these days. They're accommodating (I had a last minute thing happen and was able to call them on Thursday and make an appointment for an oil change that next Friday) and do what they say they will, contacting me if something else presents itself that they feel I need to know but hold off on starting work on the new issue until they've spoken with me. I just can't say enough good things about the crew and staff of Auto Spot in Longmont. -Shana S-W in Boulder, CO