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1702 W Hatcher Rd Phoenix, AZ 85021-2054 (602) 870-1482
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By ReginaldFinnegan on Wed 23 March 2011

Let me say that Auto Spec told me that mid 80s Toyota engine rebuids are one of their specialties. I brought my 80s Toyota in to have the engine rebuilt. I was told that it would cost $800 and that it would take about 5 days to take the engine out, rebuild it, and reinstall it. I told them that I needed the Toyota back in about 5 days because I needed it for work and they assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. I wast told that if I paid the shop to take the engine out and reinstall it, instead of doing it myself, they would double the warranty from 12,000 miles to 24,000 miles. I agreed to this as it seemed like a bargain at $100. To be fair, they did charge the price that they quoted me. The first problem was that it took 8 WEEKS to get my Toyota back the first time. The engine didn't sound right when I picked it up. I discussed it with them at length before I left and was told that it was normal. I even brought it back a week later and they told me again that everything was normal. Within a few weeks I had antifreeze in the oil. The first thing the owner told me is that I didn't put enough oil/antifreeze in it or that it was somehow my fault. I'm not a mechanic but I know to keep the fluids topped off and to otherwise not abuse the vehicle. I had another shop diagnose the problem and found that it was either the head or head gasket. Auto Spec finally ageed to look at. They took the head off and found that the head was not flat and a piece of the head had broken off, which allowed the coolant to leak into the oil. When I asked about it he said that they tried to weld it during the rebuild and they thought it was marginal but good enough (I give them credit for being honest about this). I was not told of this problem during the rebuild. It turns out that a new head is only about $100 and if I had known this I would have paid extra to have the head replaced during the first rebuild. I'm reasonable, the engine had alot of miles on it and I didn't mind putting money into a rebuild. So again to be fair, they did work out a fair price to install a rebuilt head. The problem is that it took another EIGHT WEEKS to have the head replaced. Every time I called it was a new excuse; the wife's car broke, the owner's car broke, etc. I even offered to pick up the part myself so I could get my vehicle back but was told no. I had Auto Spec replace the head and the head is working, SO FAR. About 2 months after the head was replaced I had a major oil leak on the bottom of the engine. I tried to get Auto Spec to look at it but now they didn't know who I was. I had the receipt with me for the head work but not the rebuild and they used this as an excuse to not warranty their work. At this point it was still less than 12,000 miles since the rebuild so it was well within warranty. I decided that since it took so long for them to work on it anyway that it would be better to take it to another shop. As I said I need it to get to work. I had another shop look at it and it turned out to be the oil pump on the front and bottom of the engine was leaking. Instead of replacing the gasket between the block and pump during the rebuild someone had siliconed around the OUTSIDE of the pump instead of doing it the right way by taking the pump off and replacing the gasket. This was obviously done at Auto Spec as no one else had worked on the pump or anything close to it. To summarize, I think that Auto Spec is more incompetent than dishonest. They're not well organized and they cut too many corners. The low price compared to other shops is nice but this doesn't really do you any good if you don't get your car back for 2 months.

By I Am on Sat 12 March 2011

FRAUD/SCAM/THEFT!!!!!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! CHECK YOUR AUTO TITLE AND REGISTRATION OR IF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR VEHICLE STOLEN!!!! I GIVE THEM MINUS STARS. I CANNOT POST WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE STAR, BUT I DO THIS UNDER PROTEST. THEY DO NOT DESERVE ONE STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adrian @ Auto Spec Engines took my money and engine and 5 weeks later I have nothing. After getting Phoenix PD involved, Adrian admits he sold my engine to someone else and now states that he can't fine the paid receipt for my original engine. I have a copy of the paid receipt. Yea Adrian,"NO ONE KEEPS THEIR RECEIPTS!" What a jerkwad! He is "not right in the head" and feels that he can intimidiate and threaten me and I will let him get away with it. Phoenix PD is involved and stated that they have been watching this company/Adrian (not his real name) due to numerous reports of fraud/theft/threatening/intimidating people. PHX PD stated they this business has changed hands a lot and feel this is some time of auto/parts fraud/scam operation. All the positive reports you read about this company are written by him/employees/family. Do not believe the positive reports written about this company.

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