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By Jeff on Fri 21 January 2011

My BMW motorcycle had been knocked over in a parking lot by an unknown individual. Auto Damage Appraisers of Temple was hired by Dairyland Insurance as a third party adjuster to examine the damage. With myself and the BMW service center manager both present, the motorcycle was examined and a final list of damage was agreed upon. Two areas of damage came into question. It was determined by all three of us that the damage could not have been a result of the incident. The adjuster from Auto Damage Appraisers directly told me just before leaving the shop that these two items would not be added to my claim. Only an hour or two later (without contacting me), this adjuster added those very two items to the claim which caused my motorcycle to be considered a total loss. One of those items was the gas tank, which had an extremely tiny ding on the side (it was quite literally barely noticeable). The adjuster listed the estimated damage to the gas tank at over $2000.00 (he said it needed to be replaced entirely). Not only was he dishonest but he severely overpriced the damage. I highly recommend to NOT use this company.

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