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1111 Greenville Ave Staunton, VA 24401-5020 (540) 213-1690
By Adrian Gordon on Tue 07 August 2012

Worst service experience ever or anywhere in 50 years of driving and owning cars! Attempted to make appointment online for periodic maintenance and to have OEM accessories installed. Took them two days to get back to me with an email advising that they could order the parts and have them overnight and asking whether I wanted the appointment on Tuesday or Thursday. Responded immediately that I wanted them to order the parts and schedule the appointment for Tuesday. Email clearly went through as I did not receive a delivery failure notice. Arrived first thing on the day of the appointment to discover that they had not read, or had lost (same effect) the email, did not have me scheduled for an appointment at all, and of course had not ordered the parts. She wanted me to return another day so she could get the parts in. That means wasting another half day and doing another 85 mile round trip drive because she is an incompetent. No thanks. The were able to squeeze in the periodic service and inspections. I'll get the parts ordered and installed by a dealer who cares enough about my business to actually order them for me and schedule my appointment. There are others just a close. Avoid these people like the plague.

38.1317 -79.0627