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By Tell It Like It Is on Wed 15 August 2012

Ask them to ceck transmission. Pulled transmission and checked for wear. Gave list of what needed to be repaired and gave cost. Decided not to repair transmission ad pick up vehicle. Told that there were five hours into the evaluation of he problem. Problem bein shop time is 4.2 hours to pull tranny and replace tranny.Splitting the box for problems shop time .75 hour. 2.75 hours at $80 an hour. you do the math. Price quote for total repair was $2050.. Did research and can buy new transmission complete for $2100.. plus $336 to pull tranny and replace.Seems to me that they should have given options. Was also tod they could replace with a purchased rebuilt trans with sevety five thousand mole warranty for about 12200. Why would it cost them so muc more tp rebuild it than getting it from someone else. Was in knoxville tn when I ahd this conversation and a friend reccomended me to two shops he has dealt with for years. On uoted $1050 and another $950 to rebuild with the same warranties. Both are top listes shops in Knoxville. Have known these people at advance transmission for over twenty years and have spent a generous amount of moneywith them and reccommended customers to them. I am sincerely disappointed with the way the handled the situation and I am done with them Before you have work done do your hiomework and do not put faith in people unless you like to get the short end of the stiock as I did. Lesson learned.

By Jill Gregory on Fri 24 February 2012

Advanced Transmissions does all of our transmission work, for our personal and professional vehicles and for all those whose cars we service in our shop. They are always thorough, professional and the most reasonably priced in the area. All their work has been warranteed and if there has been a problem with a vehicle after it has been in their shop, they have had the vehicle towed back. If the break down had to do with the repair they had made, they paid the bill. If it was another problem, they added the tow charge to my bill which is only fair. I hate the reviewer above had a problem, but don't let it be your only opinion of these fine folks! Jill Gregory

By dissatified customer on Thu 24 March 2011

Adavanced transmission charged 950 to reoair a few part in the transmission one gear when they where suppose to fix it all for that price. i checked the price of parts they put in it they charged 650 parts whole rebulid kit is 200 to 250 at most. this was less than a month ago and its sitting on the side of the road with second gear out. they tell me i can have it towed and they will fix it well they should tow it cause if they done what they charge two prices to half ass fix it then it wouldnt be on the side of the road. To make matter worse we took transmission out and took it to them and picked it up and put it back in so they should have been hardly any labor.

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