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Glossary of Common Repair Terms

Because the auto industry speaks its own language, here’s a brief glossary of common repair terms:

Aftermarket Parts: Parts not made by the manufacturer.

Flat Fees: Services that don’t get broken down into parts, tax, labor costs.

Labor Description: A detailed written description of repairs and/or services.

Labor Rate: The shop or dealer’s hourly rate to work on your car. (Note: when you use AutoMD.com’s local shop finder—the average hourly labor rate for the relevant shops in your area is included in the listing).

Labor Time: The number of hours it will take to fix your vehicle.

Miscellaneous Charges: Can include, but not limited to, things like shop supplies (chemicals, hazardous waste disposal fees, waste oil, etc.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. This designates manufacturer-approved parts specifically built for your vehicle.

TSBs/Technical Service Bulletins: Instructions provided by the manufacturer for known concerns on your vehicle—not to be confused with an official vehicle recall.