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1991 Toyota Tercel DLX 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: My car acts like it's going to cut off when I stop at light

1 Answers Engine - by Rose - Last updated 12/17/2016

1994 Toyota Tercel LE 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: My car is making a really weird noise and blue lights on the doors are flashing what does this mean?

1 Answers Engine - by Lauren - Last updated 10/27/2016

1995 Toyota Tercel DX 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: Continuous whining (not high pitched!) coming from under car, sounds center located.

0 Answers Engine - by Kathy - Last updated 8/31/2014

1996 Toyota Tercel STD 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: left turn generates rubbing grinding noise in rear end.

1 Answers Engine - by tim - Last updated 4/29/2016

1996 Toyota Tercel STD 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: where is the starter

1 Answers Engine - by Marylou Tovar - Last updated 7/15/2017

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