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2005 Toyota Sienna LE 6Cyl 3.30L

Q: code reader stating "multiple cylinder misfires" codes PO 0300, PO 0302, PO 0304

1 Answers Engine - by Barney44 - Last updated 7/11/2015

2000 Toyota Sienna LE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Why can i only start my car with jumper cables?

2 Answers Engine - by Damien's General Auto Repair - Last updated 9/6/2014

2004 Toyota Sienna LE 6Cyl 3.30L

Q: A yellow, blue, red and brown wire are hanging under the steering wheel.

1 Answers Engine - by Clman - Last updated 12/15/2014

2014 Toyota Sienna XLE 6Cyl 3.50L

Q: flashing engine light,today.This light has been on along with the VSC light for several years.

1 Answers Engine - by vijaya - Last updated 8/18/2014

2010 Toyota Sienna LE 6Cyl 3.50L

Q: starts with excess cranking

1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 7/10/2014

Latest Toyota Sienna Recalls

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  • 2000 Toyota Sienna Structure Recall - 10V160000

    Campaign ID Number: 10V160000
    Date Manufactured: Apr 20, 2010
    Vehicles Affected: 600000

    Manufacturer: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
    Mfr's Report Date: Apr 20, 2010
    Component: Structure

  • 2004 Toyota Sienna Tires Recall - 14V273000

    Campaign ID Number: 14V273000
    Date Manufactured: May 23, 2014
    Vehicles Affected: 419520

    Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
    Mfr's Report Date: May 22, 2014
    Component: Tires

  • 2014 Toyota Sienna Power Train Recall - 14V414000

    Campaign ID Number: 14V414000
    Date Manufactured: Jul 10, 2014
    Vehicles Affected: 263

    Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
    Mfr's Report Date: Jul 08, 2014
    Component: Power Train

  • 2008 Toyota Sienna Equipment Recall - 09V234000

    Campaign ID Number: 09V234000
    Date Manufactured: Jun 25, 2009
    Vehicles Affected: 2204

    Manufacturer: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
    Mfr's Report Date: Jun 25, 2009
    Component: Equipment

  • 2009 Toyota Sienna Seats Recall - 16V396000

    Campaign ID Number: 16V396000
    Date Manufactured: Jun 02, 2016
    Vehicles Affected: 7749

    Manufacturer: Southeast Toyota Distributors, Llc
    Mfr's Report Date: Jun 02, 2016
    Component: Seats

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