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2008 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 8Cyl 5.70L

Q: I have an AC switch light blinking when the engine is warm and after a little while it blows hot air

0 Answers Engine - by Grant - Last updated 4/9/2015

2010 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 8Cyl 5.70L

Q: Without seeing a report, how do I know my alternator really needed replacing

2 Answers Engine - by Julie - Last updated 1/11/2016

2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 8Cyl 4.70L

Q: A340E Toyota torque converter

0 Answers Engine - by aquartlow - Last updated 2/21/2018

2005 Toyota Sequoia SR5 8Cyl 4.70L

Q: how serious is this problem?

7 Answers Engine - by Robert davis - Last updated 6/15/2015

2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 8Cyl 4.70L

Q: my car turns on and turns right back off

0 Answers Engine - by jackie sanchez - Last updated 8/8/2015

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