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2008 Toyota Prius Base 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: why do the headlights randomly turn off while driving?

1 Answers Engine - by sf - Last updated 1/3/2016

2003 Toyota Prius Base 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: Dealer wants $1,000 to replace lost ignition key

2 Answers Engine - by Gallaway - Last updated 10/29/2015

2005 Toyota Prius Base 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: Why does this car smell like a barn yard?

1 Answers Engine - by name - Last updated 9/15/2015

2006 Toyota Prius Base 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: hi guys when i make a sharp right my car kinda stalls, and loses power. any ideas?

0 Answers Engine - by icandoitifutellmewhatswrong - Last updated 12/27/2015

2008 Toyota Prius Touring 4Cyl 1.50L

Q: Engine knock under light load and 50mph or above

0 Answers Engine - by BobR38 - Last updated 5/24/2015

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