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2002 Toyota Corolla S 4Cyl 1.80L

Q: If my car eats oil, do I need to drain oil?

4 Answers Engine - by Wasay Mehdi - Last updated 4/13/2018

2005 Toyota Corolla S 4Cyl 1.80L

Q: 2005 Corolla engine suddenly quite loud with occasional vibrations

1 Answers Engine - by funkadelicfred - Last updated 6/26/2018

1991 Toyota Corolla LE 4Cyl 1.60L

Q: Car stalls when drive engaged & gas pressed

3 Answers Engine - by 2quik604 - Last updated 4/16/2018

2014 Toyota Corolla LE 4Cyl 1.80L

Q: Car AC with little to no cold air

2 Answers Engine - by Zack Sonner - Last updated 7/18/2018

2005 Toyota Corolla CE 4Cyl 1.80L

Q: Is my car safe to drive with the impact bar disconnected?

0 Answers Engine - by Raehums2 - Last updated 10/10/2018

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